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Customer Service

The Cowley College Bookstore offers convenient options for purchasing your required course materials.

Shop In-Store

Cowley College Bookstore, Ark City Campus
207 West Fifth Avenue
(620) 441-5277

Shop Online With Free Delivery To The Following Campuses

Cowley College Bookstore, Online

Wichita Downtown Center
532 S Market
(316) 941-5707

Sumner Campus, Wellington
2205 Shurtz-Juden Loop
(620) 441-6555

Mulvane Center
430 E Main St
(316) 777-3050


When is the best time to purchase my textbooks?
The first day to purchase textbooks is established by the bookstore based on the first day of classes for a particular term. The first day to purchase for upcoming terms is as follows:

SUMMER 2020:

The best time to purchase your textbooks is within one to two weeks of the first class day as this will be when the optimum quantities of texts will be on the shelf.

How do I find out how much my textbooks cost?
Textbook requirements, including price, are available on the bookstore website www.cowleycollegebooks.com. You will select the term, department, course number and section of the courses that you are currently enrolled in.

Or, you can link to the bookstore web site from your Tiger Connect Account. Once logged into your account, simply select My Textbooks under the Student Menu. Your personalized book list will automatically populate for you based on courses that you are currently enrolled in. Add your course materials to your shopping cart, select your payment method and have your textbooks shipped to your front door… it’s that easy!

How can I pay for my textbooks at the Cowley Bookstore?
The Cowley Bookstore accepts cash, check, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Cowley Gift Cards.

Can I charge my textbooks at the store?
Textbook Scholarship - Students who have been awarded and have accepted a textbook scholarship, may charge their required textbooks at one of our two physical bookstore locations. Textbooks issued on scholarship are only on loan for the duration of the term and must returned to the bookstore in good condition at the conclusion of the term. Course supplies such as paper, calculators, computer software, etc. cannot be charged to a textbook scholarship.

Financial Aid - Students who have completed the FAFSA and qualify for federal loan and/or pell grant are eligible to charge their textbooks and course supplies. Clothing & gift merchandise cannot be charged to financial aid. Financial aid recipients who have a credit on their student account after tuition, course fees and dormitory fees have all been applied may charge textbooks and course supplies up to the amount of the remaining credit.

Third Party – Students may charge their textbooks and course supplies to a Third Party Payee such as an employer or government agency. Prior written authorization to charge to a Third Party Payee must be on file in the Business Office before students will be allowed to charge.

Can I order my textbooks online and have them shipped to my home?
Shop the online Cowley College Bookstore from the convenience of your home or office to purchase your textbooks and have them shipped to your door step. Visit us at www.cowleycollegebooks.com and click on the Textbooks tab. You will select the term, department, course number and section of the courses that you are currently enrolled in. Or, you can link to the bookstore web site from your Campus Connect account. Once logged into your account, simply select Textbook List under the Academic Options Menu. Your personalized book list will automatically populate for you based on courses that you are currently enrolled in.

Add your course materials to your shopping cart, select your payment method and have your textbooks shipped to your front door…it’s FAST, EASY and SECURE!!

Visit us again after you have placed your order to easily track your shipment and view order history.

If I placed an order online, how will my textbooks be shipped and when can I expect to receive them?
Cowley College Bookstore is proud to offer the most competitive UPS shipping rates. All of our shipments are professionally packed to ensure the safety of your items in route. Online orders take approximately 24-48 hours to process. Please note that processing time may vary due to the availability of inventory and during peak times of the semester. Once your shipment is processed and enters the UPS system, tracking information will be forwarded to the email address attached to the order. UPS shipping takes an additional 1-5 business days to deliver.   For Next Day delivery, ALL orders received after 1pm will process/ship the NEXT business day.  The Cowley Bookstore is closed on Saturday, Sunday and College Holiday Breaks. ALL online orders received during the weekend will be processed the next regular business day. Orders shipping outside the continental United States (this includes Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico) are subject to additional shipping charges. Customer will be contacted prior processing/shipment regarding the additional charges. For more information about our shipping prices, visit our Shipping Information page. Shipping charges are NOT eligible for a refund.

Can I place my order online and pick up in-store?
You can place your online order and select one of our four campuses (Arkansas City Bookstore, Wichita Downtown Center, Mulvane Campus & Sumner Campus) to pick up your order free of charge. Orders will typically be processed and available for pickup within 1-3 business days. You will be notified by text or email when your order is ready to be picked up at the location that you selected. Please note that processing time may vary due to the availability of inventory and during peak times of the semester. You will receive an email confirmation when your order is successfully placed. A copy of your order confirmation and/or valid photo ID will be required when you pick up your order.

What do I do if a book is unavailable thru the Cowley Bookstore?
Occasionally books are unavailable when you first attempt to purchase thru the Cowley Bookstore. In most cases the book has sold out or has not yet arrived from the vendor. Instructors are made aware of these out-of-stock situations and are typically willing to adjust assignments until the books arrive. When enrollments are larger than anticipated, the textbooks are re-ordered. These reorders usually arrive within 5-7 business days. If a textbook that you need is out of stock, your name will be added to a wait list so that we can save a copy of the book for you and call you when it arrives. Class attendance is still required…even if you do not yet have the textbook!


What is the Cowley Bookstore textbook refund policy?
16-Week Courses
100% refund through the first two weeks of class

8-Week Courses
100% refund through the first week of class

Short Term Courses
100% refund through the first two days of class

Textbooks should be returned in the same condition in which you purchased them. New textbooks must be unchanged in any way to receive a full refund. Textbooks which have been marked, damaged or unwrapped are considered used and will be refunded at the used price. Access/key codes must be unopened and un-accessed to receive a 100% refund.

What if I accidentally purchase the wrong textbook for a course?
Our staff makes every effort to ensure that you purchase the correct textbooks the first time. Unfortunately errors do happen; whether it be our oversight or yours. Simply contact the bookstore as soon as possible and we will make sure that you receive the correct textbook for your course.

Do I need my receipt in order to receive a refund?
ALWAYS KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS OR PACKING SLIP!!! The original bookstore register receipt or packing slip is always REQUIRED for a 100% refund. We do NOT keep copies of bookstore register receipts and are unable to duplicate receipts at a later time.

What is the refund policy for merchandise that I purchased thru the Cowley Bookstore?
Supplies, clothing and gift items, in original saleable condition, are returnable within 30 days of the date of purchase. Some merchandise may be non-returnable including sale/clearance merchandise and computer software.

I placed my order online and need to return items that were ordered, will the original or return shipping/handling charges be refunded?
Original or return shipping/handling charges will only be refunded if the item is received defective or an error occurred, on our part, in processing your original order.

How will my refund be issued to me?
All refunds are processed according to the original method of payment. For example, if you charged your original purchase to your financial aid account, the refund will also be credited to your financial aid account.


Book sellback is an important part of the Cowley Bookstore's total textbook program. Buying textbooks back from students helps us to keep an extensive selection of used books in stock, and enables us to pay students for textbooks which will be required by a Cowley College course the following semester. The following information contains answers to the questions most frequently asked about sellback.

Why does the Cowley Bookstore offer a sellback service?
There are two reasons: one is to establish a means for students to dispose of texts no longer needed or wanted; the other is to obtain a supply of required books that can be resold to students at the lowest possible price. Although we aggressively shop the used book wholesalers, our best source of used books is still our own students.

When is sellback?
Sellback is held during final exam week at the conclusion of each semester. Specific sellback dates and hours are printed on your bookstore register receipt as well as posted campus wide and online approximately two weeks before the end of the semester. Upcoming sellback dates are as follows:

SUMMER 2019: JULY 24-26
FALL 2019: DECEMBER 9-14
SPRING 2020:MAY 4-9
SUMMER 2020: JULY 22-24

Do I need my sales receipt to sell books?
No. While a receipt is required to return books for a 100% refund during the full return period, you do NOT need a receipt to sell books at sellback. The only thing you need to bring to sellback is your Cowley student ID card and your textbooks.

How does the bookstore determine which books to buy? The selection of textbooks is always dependent on whether or not the book will be used in the upcoming term. As textbooks are approved for use in an upcoming semester, the bookstore compiles a list of textbooks that will be bought back from students.

Next, using class enrollments and existing book inventories, our textbook manager determines the quantity of each book which can be purchased at sellback.

Why are some books worth so much more than others?
The best price is always paid for textbooks purchased for the Cowley Bookstore for the upcoming semester. If your book is in reasonable condition and will be used for a Cowley College course in the upcoming semester, the Bookstore will pay you 50% of the new textbook price. For example, a textbook with a new price of $100 will be worth $50 if purchased for the Cowley Bookstore.

If a textbook is not needed at Cowley College for the coming semester, it may still be possible to sell it through the Bookstore to a used book wholesaler. This is a special service we offer to students who wish to sell their books even though we can't buy them at the higher bookstore price. Used book wholesalers base the price they will pay for a book on their perceived "marketability" of that particular book. Wholesale companies typically pay between 10% and 30% of the new book price for current editions of textbooks they can resell to other colleges and universities nationwide.

In some cases, there are limits to the quantity of textbooks the Bookstore needs of a certain title. Once the Bookstore has reached its quota of such a book, we can only offer the ‘wholesale’ value, i.e. the price the wholesaler will pay for that book. If for example, the bookstore needs only 50 copies of a book, we will pay 50% of the new price for the first 50 textbooks we buy. Any books purchased after that will be purchased for the wholesale market at the wholesale price.

Why do some books have no value to either the bookstore or a used book wholesaler?
Some of the most common reasons for a book to have no resale value are listed below.

  • THE BOOK IS AN OLD EDITION-The average life of a textbook is about three years. The closer a book gets to this point, the less wholesale value it has. In general, it is best to sell your books as soon as possible after you have determined you no longer need or want them.

  • THE BOOK IS IN UNSALEABLE CONDITION-Examples would include books with lost, torn or illegible covers, water damage, missing pages, contents separated from covers, loose bindings, or excessive highlighting which would make the book useless to the next person who buys it. We reserve the right to refuse any book that in our judgment has deteriorated to an unsalable condition.

  • THE BOOK IS CONSUMABLE-In general, we do not buy back workbooks, lab manuals, study guides, solutions manual, loose leaf textbooks, books with perforated pages, and access codes.

Anything else I should know about sellback?
We can't give specific buyback information over the telephone. It is simply too busy in the store and only the textbook buyers at the sellback counter have the updated information necessary to give the right answers.

Finally, there is never a guarantee that textbooks you purchase will be used again by any instructor anywhere in the country. Textbooks are a learning tool, and hopefully, valuable to your education. You should not buy books with expectation of reselling every one of them; that happens in very few cases. The real value of a book is obtained by studying it carefully. If it can be resold when no longer needed, that is an added bonus.

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