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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cowley Bookstore textbook refund policy?

16-Week Courses 8-Week Courses Short Term Courses
100% refund through the first two weeks of class 100% refund through the first week of class 100% refund through the first two days of class

Textbooks should be returned in the same condition in which you purchased them. New textbooks must be unchanged in any way to receive a full refund. Textbooks which have been marked, damaged or unwrapped are considered used and will be refunded at the used price. Access/key codes must be unopened and un-accessed to receive a 100% refund.

What if I accidentally purchase the wrong textbook for a course?
Our staff makes every effort to ensure that you purchase the correct textbooks the first time. Unfortunately errors do happen; whether it be our oversight or yours. Simply contact the bookstore as soon as possible and we will make sure that you receive the correct textbook for your course.

Do I need my receipt in order to receive a refund?
ALWAYS KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS OR PACKING SLIP!!! The original bookstore register receipt or packing slip is always REQUIRED for a 100% refund. We do NOT keep copies of bookstore register receipts and are unable to duplicate receipts at a later time.

What is the refund policy for merchandise that I purchased thru the Cowley Bookstore?
Supplies, clothing and gift items, in original saleable condition, are returnable within 30 days of the date of purchase. Some merchandise may be non-returnable including sale/clearance merchandise and computer software.

I placed my order online and need to return items that were ordered, will the original or return shipping/handling charges be refunded?
Original or return shipping/handling charges will only be refunded if the item is received defective or an error occurred, on our part, in processing your original order.

How will my refund be issued to me?
All refunds are processed according to the original method of payment. For example, if you charged your original purchase to your financial aid account, the refund will also be credited to your financial aid account.


Email us anytime with questions or concerns via email at bookstore@cowley.edu. You can also call us during regular business hours at 620.441.5277.